What are the best cards to travel without commissions ? The question that you ask us so many times through social networks and that we hope to answer with this post.

It is an issue that worries you when you are planning a trip because the commissions for currency exchange that traditional banks usually have are around 3% or 4%.

That is why today we are talking about the three cards to travel without commissions that we take with each trip, which have no commissions, neither to pay nor to withdraw from the ATM.

All are registered through the App, it is a 100% fast and secure online process , without the need to go to any physical office.

We have been using them for years on many trips and we can comment on them with knowledge of the facts, today we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each of the travel cards we use!

Best cards to travel without commissions – Index:

Cards to travel without commissions



Advantages of the N26 card for travel:

    • 100% FREE
    • FREE ATM withdrawals in the euro zone up to three times a month, then they charge € 2.
    • Unlimited commission-free purchases in the euro zone and outside the euro zone.
    • It has an associated account number , it is as if it were a lifelong bank but all online.
    • You can pay with a chip, magnetic stripe, contactless , and also from your mobile with Apple Pay and Google Pay .
    • Free transfers can be made to any bank .

Disadvantages of the N26 card for travel:

    • Cash withdrawals from the ATM outside the euro zone have a 1.7% commission .

 REQUEST YOUR N26 CARD HEREBest N26 travel cards

We talk about it in more detail in the post: N26 card for travel, opinion and experience .


Advantages of the N26 YOU card for travel:

    • The same as the N26 plus FREE ATM withdrawals in the euro zone up to five times a month, then they charge € 2. .
    • You have international travel insurance that covers among other things: Mobile theft, aircraft delay, luggage protection, cash theft protection, purchase protection and medical expenses abroad.
    • Card to choose from five colors

Disadvantages of the N26 YOU card  for travel:

    • It has a monthly cost of € 9.90 and an annual commitment to stay .


N26 You travel card


Advantages of the BNEXT card for travel:

    • 100% FREE
    • Cash withdrawals from the ATM are FREE . In the euro zone three times a month, outside the euro zone also three times but with a limit of € 500.
    • Commission-free purchases . In the euro zone unlimited purchases, outside the euro zone up to € 2000 / month.
    • You can pay with chip, magnetic stripe and contactless , although the magnetic stripe option is the one that has given us the most trouble.
    • Within the BNEXT application we can check how much we have spent outside the euro zone and not have to go around making calculations.

Disadvantages of the BNEXT card for travel:

    • It is a prepaid card. This means that it does not have an associated account number and in some places they do not accept this type of card.
    • It is not compatible with the payment method Apple Pay or Google Pay (they will enable it soon, but there is no date) .
    • No transfers can be made , only between Bnext clients.
    • Cost of sending the card € 2 or € 4.5 express shipping.
    • It has failed us a lot when it comes to paying in stores and restaurants, they have enabled the BNEXT status website to see BNEXT updates .



Best travel cards Bnext


Advantages of the REVOLUT card for travel:

    • 100% FREE
    • Cash withdrawals from the ATM are FREE up to € 200.
    • Commission-free purchases in over 150 currencies.
    • Free national transfers and one free international transfer per month

Disadvantages of the REVOLUT card for travel:

    • From € 200 withdrawal from the ATM has a commission of 2%
    • You have to pay about € 6 shipping costs for the card


Revolut, free card to travel without commissions

Our opinion of the BNEXT, N26, N26 YOU and REVOLUT travel cards:

The BNEXT has been rejected many times in the United States when paying, to get out of the ATM we have not had so many problems.

The N26 has never failed us . Not in the 3 months in Asia, not in the US, not in our trips to Europe. It is the most reliable to pay in a currency other than the euro.

To withdraw money from the ATM, the BNEXT and the REVOLUT are a very good option, both free and without fees for withdrawing cash at ATMs.

Conclusion about the cards:

We always carry the normal N26 and the Revolut, both are free cards with no commissions or permanence commitments.

With the Revolut we can get up to € 200 a month abroad and with the N26 we can pay in any currency without commissions and they have never rejected us, let’s say they make a good tandem!

The Bnext to withdraw from the ATM is also an option, but lately many travelers have told us that they have had problems to withdraw from the ATM and to pay we know first-hand that it is not a good option.



Remember that both cards are free, without permanence, and the best thing is that it is all online and from the App!

If you travel often you can consider the N26 YOU, we had it for a year and it went very well! But now with the normal N26 and the Revolut we can do without paying the € 9.90 per month.


Cards to travel without commissions
Cards to travel without commissions

Tips when paying by card and withdrawing money abroad:

  • It is advisable to always carry at least two cards on trips , for anything that may happen, loss, theft, breakage …
  • When we pay with a card in a currency other than the euro, sometimes the POS / dataphone will ask us in which currency we want to pay (euros or the currency of the country in which we are buying), we must always indicate in the currency of the country , to avoid the store bank make us a bad change.
  • Try (if possible) not to withdraw money from ATMs that are in the middle of the street , without a bank or store that responds to them. In China, an ATM in the middle of nowhere swallowed our card and was often scared! Luckily after two minutes he expelled her and we were still there! If it had been a bank, it was enough to enter and say that our card had been left inside the ATM. We learned our lesson!
  • Sometimes, some ATMs charge a commission for giving us cash , regardless of the card we use, when this happens, try another bank, usually there is one that does not charge.

Alternatives to travel cards:

If you prefer to leave home with cash , a good option is to exchange currency in Ria , it is very convenient because they send it to your home or to the address you choose, and we know first-hand that they make very good exchange rates.

In addition, we leave you a discount for currency exchange in Ria .

In traditional banks they usually spend with the commissions, but you can check it in your usual bank.

If you arrive at the destination without cash, we do not recommend changing at the airport because it is usually the worst place to change currency, it is better to get out of the ATM with one of the cards mentioned above or wait to change in the city center.

And so far our post with the best cards to travel without commissions !

We hope we have helped you a little with our experience, if you know of other cards to travel without commissions that have gone well for you, we will be delighted that you tell us in the comments!🙂