1. Always carry auxiliary batteries and a charger with you.

Many want to resist being constantly communicated with, the phone, laptop or tablet, laptop, etc. is and it is possible that when we want to use it must do so, we can not recharge it.

You may have numbers, reservation details, itineraries or you are in a wonderful place that you want to photograph on your phone.

Having a portable charger can make all the difference in your travels.

Of course, it is also advisable to carry plugs, a laptop and a pen, as well as a padlock to protect our valuables.

2. Plan what you really want to see/h3>
In all the trips I have made, there have been things I wanted to see that I could not see because I dedicated time to other activities or tours.
It is essential to plan by making a list of what we want to see or do and by priorities, and then, if we can’t do it, we only miss the essentials and not the essentials.

3. Make photocopies of your passport and also make photocopies on your phone.

If the original is lost, this will help you and speed up the procedures for making a duplicate.
You can upload passport photo, driving license ID in the cloud, but one of the passports in the suitcase does not take anything and if you need it will be good as you have your hand to go to the consulate, embassy or police office wherever you are.

4. Do not carry expensive items or equipment

There is no need to travel with more expensive sneakers, designer clothes or carry an expensive laptop, the latest phone or other high-priced products.
This ostentation, in some places, can be an invitation to rob you.

Remember that when you travel, no one takes notice of your appearance and image.
It is better to relax, be and spend money on things that make the trip enjoyable.

5. Carry a change of clothes and essential items in your carry-on baggage as well.

In the event your suitcase is lost and time to turn up, it is good to have a survival bag in your carry-on luggage.
A toiletry bag, spare clothes and documents, and documents and money can make all the difference until the luggage turns up or you receive compensation.