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How to have internet in Morocco

  • How to have internet in Morocco

    Are you traveling to Morocco and want to be connected? In this post we tell you how to have a SIM card in Morocco  in a super easy, fast and 100% recommended way!

    In these times we no longer imagine traveling without internet on our mobile, it is great to consult anything at any time, such as directions, reservations, Google Maps …

    In this post we are going to explain two ways to get a SIM card in Morocco to have internet during your trip.

    We already told you a bit in the post with tips for traveling to Marrakech for the first time , but today we explain it in more detail.

    Here we go with the two ways to have a SIM card in Morocco with internet on your mobile, and thus have everything under control!



    How to have internet in Morocco – SIM card

    1. Buy a SIM card in Morocco upon arrival

    It is the cheapest option to get a SIM card in Morocco , when you arrive you can buy it at the same airport (although it will be more expensive), or in a telephone store (normally they are not exclusive telephone stores, but a store that sells you a little of everything).

    These were what we did the first time we went to Morocco because they still could not be bought in advance before the trip, but right now we would not do it like that.

    In the next point we will talk about the way we recommend the most to have internet in Morocco during your trip.

    Our trip was to Marrakech, so the day after arriving the first thing we did is look for a store in the area around Jemaa el-Fna square to buy the SIM card.

    You will recognize these stores because they have the logos of the main telephone companies and many are the same as in Spain, although they also sell souvenirs and other things …

    SIM card in Morocco from the Orange company with 5GB of data cost us 120DH (about € 11 approx.).

    There are cheaper ones and also more expensive, because depending on where the store is and what “tourist” the owner sees you will ask for more or less money, it is not easy to haggle in these stores as it is done in the souks.

     PROS of buying a SIM card when you arrive in Morocco: It’s okay because it is probably the cheapest option (if you don’t buy it at the airport…).

     CONS of buying a SIM card when you arrive in Morocco: You are going to waste time on your trip looking for a store and for the owner to activate the card because it is in their language and you have to call to have it activated.

    And believe me that if you have a few days to enjoy Morocco, it is not a good idea to waste almost a morning buying a SIM card.

    It is also possible that they tell you an exorbitant price of a SIM card for Morocco and you have to find another store to buy it.

    Unless you have a lot of patience to haggle, a lot of travel days and / or a very tight travel budget, we recommend the following point to get a SIM card and have internet in Morocco. 

    Marrakech |  Morocco
    Marrakech | Morocco


    2. Buy a SIM card for Morocco before going on a trip

    This is the option we choose at the moment for all our trips, why? Because we get home before the trip and we land at the destination with internet on our mobile.

    No time to lose, because when we are traveling (even more so if it is a short getaway) we do not want to waste time on these things that we can have solved from home.

    It is more expensive than buying the SIM card in Morocco in a small shop when you arrive, but it is more than worth it for us to invest that time in enjoying the trip.

    You can check here the price of the SIM card for Morocco, because there are usually promotions and it varies often, anyway from our link you will always have an additional 5% discount to what you mark.

    Steps to follow if you buy the SIM card before the trip:

    • They send it to your home in 72 hours after you ask for it.
    • You insert it when you arrive in Morocco
    • You activate data roaming (if you didn’t already have it activated)
    • You already have your SIM card in Morocco active and working.

    You also have a 5% DISCOUNT from our link for your SIM card!

     PROS of buying a SIM card before the trip: You don’t waste time that you can invest in enjoying the trip to Morocco.

     CONS of buying a card before the trip: It is the most expensive way to have internet on your mobile in Morocco.

    Marrakech |  Morocco
    Marrakech | Morocco

    3. Other interesting information about ordering your Morocco SIM card in advance:

    • You can share data with other devices , if you go as a couple or a group of friends you can buy a single SIM card.
    • Free home delivery in 72 hours .
    • Help 24 hours in Spanish , which is appreciated if there are any problems.
    • You keep your WhatsApp number to keep talking to your friends and family and send them photons from Morocco.
    • There are SIM cards for 7, 10 or 30 days.
    • eye! The mobile has to be free and not belong to any company to be able to insert another SIM card and make it work.
    • You have a 5% discount from our link , don’t forget it!

    If you visit Marrakech during your trip to Morocco, don’t forget to take a look at our Marrakech travel guide with everything you need to enjoy an incredible trip.

    And so far our post on how to get a SIM card in Morocco !

    We hope it will help you in the preparations for your trip to Morocco and now you have a clearer idea of ​​how to have internet on your mobile.

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    Enjoy Morocco!

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